Capacity:150-250 Kg/Hour



1-Depending on the model of the machine and the thickness setting of the product, the capacity of the machine is 150 - 250 kg/hour.

2- The machine has an automatic system for adding WATER and SESAME. The system automatically processes the dough, add water and sesame and automatically place the products on the pan.

3- Based on the request, the dough cutting process in the systems of the machine can be performed guillotine cut or rotating blade system which can cut the product in the certain layers of the pan in requested length.

4- The pan sizes for the machines varies depending on the selected model and the size of the pan which can be in sizes like 40X60 cm - 40X80 cm or 45x74 cm. and can be produced up to your request.

5- Owing to the technology of the machine, it can continuously cut the products in standardized length through guillotine cut or rotating disc blade dough cutting system.

6- Owing to its changeable disc heads, it can process the products like bread crumbs and grissini in various thicknesses.

7- It has automatic pan pulling system.

8- The system of the machine can be controlled through the electronic screen. The working system can be adjusted as slow or fast as required.

8- The machine was designed complying with the food production with the band systems – the surfaces contacting food are stainless and the moving parts were made of steel.


Height-150 cm

Length- 460 cm

Width- 90 cm

Weight- 600 kg

Electricity Consumption-6.5 kw